Dear Guys,


As we embark on another year together, I wanted to take this time to address any concerns or questions you may have had, along with where things will be heading in the future. In February, the warehouse that manufacturers and holds the products for BHK Streetwear caught fire. This not only dealt a great blow to the brand but to all of you who follow and support us as well. The results led to orders being refunded, events being canceled, as well as the postponement of future product collections. Doubt left a lot of you with questions that I couldn't answer at the time and the silence on the social networks only made things worse. Thankfully, your love for this brand has helped me break this feeling of uncertainty that has surrounded me, pressuring me to give up. Without you, this brand wouldn’t have made it as far as it has and I cannot sit back and abandon that support. The damage is done, and break time is over. Now it’s time to pick up the pieces that made this brand what it was and start anew.


Keeping you guys updated with has become my top priority. Whether good or bad, I will not allow another incident like this to happen without you being able to get the information you need as it happens. Some of you have asked for behind scenes content, and “how-to” videos, so I will be setting up an official YouTube page for the brand itself. Allowing you to ask questions and get the answers directly from me. I know it’s been a good while so I’m ecstatic to announce that constant content will be appearing on our social media platforms. So with your support, I gladly show you your new BHK Streetwear social media schedule. Expect these posts to upload on our social media on these days:


  • Twitter and Snapchats will be daily
  • Instagram on Wednesdays
  • Facebook on Thursdays and Fridays
  • YouTube on Saturdays


So be sure to come follow us and let us know your thoughts. I’ll be sure to take every account seriously and give you the answers you need. And if something comes up you’ll be the first to know. This schedule goes into effect August 21st so if you haven’t signed up now’s the time to do so. Snapchat & YouTube Channels are being worked on and will be ready for the appropriate date and links will be given via Twitter & Facebook. See you then.


(If you have any questions you want to be answered, be sure to leave them in the comments below)

Andre Spight Jr