We Are Sozo-Ryoku

Founded in 2009, Sozo-Ryoku is a creative lifestyle brand designed and managed by artist Andre Spight Jr. Its name comes from the Japanese phrase for “Imagination” and is designed around his 4 character collections influenced by music, love, life and food. As well as other inspirations form Japanese Pop-Culture. Over the years Sozo-Ryoku quickly became a favorite for many around the world. Its characters have not only been used in a variety of clothing styles and products but continues to influence others in today’s market of handmade items and more. Here at Sozo-Ryoku you’re bound to find something that not only accommodates your style but accents your personality.

Character Collections

Andre Spight Jr.

Owner & Creative Director

Born in St. Louis Missouri, Spight grew up with the desire to be a cartoonist. As a kid he'd pass the time by drawing characters from different animations in mini comics with different storylines. Similar to how "doujinshi" is in Japan. Growing up with Sickle Cell Anemia, he'd constantly search for ways to ease the pain he was in. So, he would often escape to the only place he could find a sense of relief; His imagination. Many years and sketchbooks later, he decided to take a chance on creating an illustrated brand with characters of his own originality.

The pain he regularly endures allows him to keep is imagination fresh in an industry that is always changing. In 2018, he decided to expand his catalog by merging his designs with the sewing knowledge he learned over the years to tap into the market of handmade goods. Doing so, allowed him to expand his creations to a wider range of products making him notorious as one of the best creative/lifestyle brands in the Midwest.

"Love what makes you unique, appreciate what makes others different."

—The imagination is limitless.